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Do you believe in...?

Title: Do you believe in...?
Author: meridianslair
Pairing: Taemin/Minho
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Minho doesn't believe in fairytales, what he doesn't know is that it will change everything.
A/N: Much thanks to jdramacrazy  and personified  for beta-ing. lmao I'd be surprised if you guys even remember this! (a month is a long time...)



Minho was watching TV for the first time in a long while. He was too busy with dance practice, schedules, and Dream Team to have time for TV.

Taemin was on the floor, his homework spread all over the floor in front of him. His legs swinging back and forth as he tapped his blue pencil on his lips.

“Hyung?” Taemin called, sitting up and placing a book on his lap.

Minho turned from the television to the younger. “Yes, Taemin-ah?”

“Do you believe in faeries?”

He was taken aback by the ridiculous question. “Of course not, faeries only exist in fictional stories.”

“Oh,” Taemin replied, his head hanging low.

Minho shook his head. Why would Taemin ask such a childish question? To Minho the question only proved the maknae had yet to grow up.

Deciding it was time for a nap; Minho turned off the TV and carefully walked around Taemin’s large mess. He almost thought he heard Taemin mumble something that sounded like “Hyung, you’re so mean.”

“What did you say?” Minho asked.

“Nothing…” The younger’s face was unreadable.

Minho shrugged it off and continued on the path to his bedroom.


Minho awoke to the sounds of dishes clanking. The light illuminating from under the door indicated his hyungs were home. And by the smell of it, Key was cooking dinner.

He slowly got out of bed after grumbling about needing more sleep, and headed towards the kitchen.

“The beast has finally come out of the cave,” Key joked.

Minho scratched the back of his head, ignoring the comment as he sat down at the table. “You woke up just in time, Key just finished cooking,” Jonghyun said while walking into the kitchen.

A plate was placed in front of him, the steam rising off the freshly cooked food. It took him a moment to realize the seat next to him was empty. The maknae was nowhere in sight.

“Where’s Taemin?” Minho asked looking at Onew.

“I think he’s still in the shower,” Onew replied, shrugging his shoulders.

Key forked at his food. “Do you think he’s okay? He’s been in there for a while.”

“He could be mastur“ before Jonghyun could even finish the word, Key smacked his arm.

“Are you accusing our innocent Taemin of masturbating?!” Key screeched.

 “He’s a teenage boy, of course he’s not completely innocent,” Jonghyun snickered.

The rest of diner felt like it dragged on forever, and Taemin was still nowhere in sight. When Onew began cleaning up the plates signaling everyone was done eating, Minho knew something was wrong.

“I’m going to go check up on Taemin.” Minho walked to the bathroom. He could hear the water running.

“Taemin,” Minho called. He knocked on the door.

No reply.

“Taemin,” he called a little louder, “If you don’t respond I’m coming in.”

The silence was making Minho nervous. “I’m coming in.”

Opening the door he stepped over Taemin’s discarded clothes. “Taemin,” Minho said again.

When Minho still didn’t get a response he peeked behind the shower curtain. “Guys, call an ambulance!” Minho yelled as soon as he saw the younger boy.

The sight made him go into shock. There was Taemin’s naked body twisted into a horrifying position. The worst part, though, was the blood streaming from his head.

Minho could hear the other members rushing towards the bathroom. Carefully placing his feet around Taemin’s body, he turned off the water.

Onew was the first to rush in, phone in hand. Letting out a loud ‘Oh my god’ before quickly dialing, hopefully, 911.

“Someone get me a towel,” Minho demanded frantically. Kibum took the towel from the rack beside the shower and handed it to him.

Minho gently lifted Taemin’s head and applied pressure to the wound. He noticed his entire body was shaking; this had to be a dream right? Taemin’s usual bright face was dark and pale. This surely wasn’t the same person, right? It wasn’t the same Taemin he loved, this was a lie.

Deep down he knew it wasn’t a lie, though. The blood soaking through the towel in his hand wasn’t fake, wasn’t a dream. It was just to make him feel better, make him feel secure. The thoughts running through Minho’s head was causing him to become dizzy, his heart sinking into the depths of his stomach.

Over the sound of his thoughts, Minho could distantly hear Onew speaking worriedly into the phone.


“He had a seizure and that’s what caused him to fall and get a concussion. His organs are also beginning to shut down, but it’s very slow…” the doctor went on.

Jonghyun interrupted the doctor, “So, you don’t know why his organs are shutting down?”

“We are still running tests,” the doctor replied.

Minho looked at Taemin lying in the hospital bed. The sight made him sick. Taemin was dying and there was nothing they could do about it. Why couldn’t it have been him instead? He’d die for Taemin, do anything to keep him happy. Why did God have to be so cruel when he laid Taemin down on his death bed?

All those times where Taemin comforted him, what could he do for him as he laid there dying? What kind of a man was he? He should have known something was wrong sooner!

The most regretful thing, though, was the fact he hadn’t confessed to Taemin yet.

Onew placed a hand on Minho’s shoulder and looked at him knowingly. “They’ll find out what’s wrong with him. Don’t worry so much.”

“And if they don’t figure out what’s wrong with him?” Minho spewed hatefully.

Onew didn’t reply. Minho turned letting Onew’s arm fall back to his side.

“I need some fresh air,” Minho said before walking out the door. Minho didn’t really want to ignore the other members’ help, but he just needed his space. Everyone needs to figure out their own way of getting over things.

Minho walked out of the building with his head down, attempting to hide his face. Even thought it was in the early hours of the morning someone could easily recognize him.

Strolling down the nearly empty street he passed a flower shop. Minho peeked through the glass door. Of course it was closed. It did give him an idea though. He would just have to come back when it was open.


“How could you expect us to do a schedule right now?” Jonghyun yelled.

“I didn’t decide this, the company did. They said it would get your minds off of the current situation,” their manager replied calmly.

“Because we totally want to remember he’s dying in a hospital every time we notice he’s not there,” Key gave a sarcastic remark.

Minho looked out of the window in the hospital lobby. He was tired, they all were. “Tell the higher ups that we refuse to do anything right now. If they can’t respect our decision, then they can terminate our contracts,” Minho said tiredly.

Their manager nodded, he understood completely.  The five were like brothers, even more so at times, he respected Minho’s words. “Do you three also agree?”

Jonghyun, Key, and Onew also nodded, silently agreeing to Minho’s statement.

“Alright then, I’ll let them know. Just please stay near the hospital while I’m gone, okay? Oh and try not to get noticed by the fan girls outside,” their manager said before the leaving the four in silence.

Minho looked down at his phone. It was 10:45 a.m.; the flower shop should be open by now, right?

Ignoring his manager’s ruquest he strolled towards the main hospital doors. He didn’t even notice the other members’ looks. Luckily, there wasn’t a large group of fans waiting outside.

When they noticed him they didn’t scream or try to get close. They gave him a sad expression as they held their “Lee Taemin, fighting!” signs a little more confidently.

Minho slightly bowed to them as if saying “Thank you” and continued to his destination.


Minho placed the bouquet of bright yellow flowers on the small table close to the hospital bed. He smiled at the flowers. They were bright and innocent, just like Taemin. Well, was like Taemin.

“Hyung, why must you bring dead flowers?” a small voice croaked beside Minho.

“Sorry, Taemin, did I wake you?”

Taemin laughed slightly. “Kinda.”

The doctor walked through the door smiling. “Good morning, Mr. Lee. How are you feeling?”

The doctor slowly helped Taemin sit up. “My head really hurts,” Taemin complained.

“I can only imagine. You hit your head pretty hard.” The doctor checked the back of Taemin’s head, writing down things on his papers.

Minho shook at the memory of finding Taemin like that. It made his heart hurt even more than it already did. The fact that Taemin will be no longer on this Earth sooner that everyone thought made Minho cringe. Who was at fault for this?

 Just the other day he was watching TV as Taemin did his homework and that night Taemin was already dying. Things were happening so fast he didn’t know whether or not he could handle it. If only he knew what to do, what he could do to make things better. A bouquet of flowers wasn’t going to make anything heal.

“I’m dying aren’t I?” Taemin asked. He looked between Minho and the doctor and then down at the sheets of his hospital bed.

Minho had to look away; the tears were already forming in his eyes. The question being asked like that made him want to hug Taemin and never let go. It tore him apart that Taemin knew what was happening.

“We ran a few tests on you while you were passed out. We’re still waiting for the results, so we don’t know the cause of your organs shutting down,” the doctor replied looking Taemin in the eyes. “Do you have any more questions?”

Taemin shook his head and answered, “No.”

“Alright then, I’ll be back with a nurse in a half hour. Feel free to have more visitors.” The doctor bowed and quickly left the room.

“Minho hyung?”

Minho turned to see Taemin staring at him with his innocent eyes. “I’ll go get everyone else, they’re probably asleep in the lobby,” Minho said with a fake chuckle.


“Don’t worry; I’ll only be gone a few minutes.”

Minho darted out of Taemin’s room with the tears streaming down his face.  Minho couldn’t hold back anymore, and he didn’t want to show how much just looking at the maknae hurt him.


The last few days had been hard on SHINee. No matter how many tests they did, the doctors still had no clue what was causing Taemin to die. Fights broke out among the four as the days wore on. They really didn’t mean anything they said, they all were feeling the stress.

They watched as Taemin had to fed through a tube, fell in and out of consciousness, and the light fade from Taemin’s eyes. Taemin’s skin was pale and clammy, he looked terrible, they all did.  Though, the members only looked slightly better.

“Do you not like the flowers Minho got for you, Taemin?” Onew noticed Taemin glaring at the flowers that were now in a vase. The flowers were already beginning to wilt. The once bright yellow was dulling into an ugly brown and the leaves turning into a dark unhealthy green.

“Dead things are the ugliest,” Taemin said, his voice rough. Taemin’s jaw clenched as he looked at Minho, he probably sending some kind of ugly telepathic message to him roaring hateful curses.

Minho sank down in his seat. Maybe flowers weren’t a good idea after all.


“Why do you have to go, Taemin?” Minho whispered. He attempted drying his tears with the back of his hand. Each day was getting worse, and his emotions were beginning to get the best of him.

Taemin gave a weak smile. “It’s your entire fault I’m dying, hyung,” he said in a joking yet serious tone.

Minho looked at Taemin disbelievingly. “What?” he sniffled.

“It’s all because the person I love the most doesn’t believe in me,” Taemin said lightly touching Minho’s cheek before pulling it back down, he was too weak to keep his arm that high.

“I don’t understand.”

“You’ll figure it out one day, Minho,” Taemin said before slipping out of consciousness.


“Hyung, do you believe in faeries?”

“Of course I don’t.”



“Dead things are the ugliest.”


“It’s all because the person I love the most doesn’t believe in me.”

Minho shot out of his chair. Still half asleep he quickly checked the time. 9:00 a.m.

Minho ignored Key, who was asking what was going on, and he rushed towards the flower shop again. It seemed like a ridiculous reason to as why Taemn was dying, but with Taemin being so close to being gone he would believe anything.


Minho replaced the wilted flowers with a pot of live flowers. Taemin looked over at them.

“What made you decide to buy me more flowers?”

Minho pulled one of the chairs closer to the bed and sat down. “Well, I’ve kind of decided some things this morning…”


“The first thing is that, well… I love you.

Taemin smiled. “I love you too, Minho,” Taemin laughed sweetly.

Minho could feel the butterflies in his stomach rise, not only were they in his stomach but it felt like they were in his heart too. Taemin telling him that he loved him back was better than being told he was going to be in SHINee. It was selfish, but Taemin made him this way unintentionally and he loved every moment of it.

 “What else did you decide?” Taemin questioned.

“Don’t laugh at me for saying this, but,” Minho paused, “Ibelieveinfaeries.”

“What? What was that? I couldn’t understand you,” Taemin teased.

“I said I believe in faeries,” Minho tried saying in his manliest voice, but Taemin still laughed. “Hey! I said not to laugh!”

“Shut up and kiss me, Choi Minho,” Taemin demanded while looking into Minho’s eyes.

Minho stood from his seat and hovered over the hospital bed. They both stared into each other’s eyes before Minho closed the distance. Chills went down both of their spines at the sensation, it wasn’t Minho’s first kiss but it was the best damn kiss he’d ever had. Taemin’s lips were chapped, but still sweet despite not eating anything in days. He just wanted to slide his tongue into the boy’s mouth, but Taemin pulled back first and hugged Minho tightly.

“Does this mean you’ll get better?” Minho asked.

“Nope, you took too long. I’m a goner now.” Taemin crossed his arms, turning away from Minho.

Minho sat down and slumped in the chair. “What?” he said unbelievably.

“I’m just kidding! See look! I’m feeling better already,” Taemin said, flailing his arms around. “But… it will take me a while to get better.”

“I don’t care how long it will take, just as long as you get better,” Minho said holding one of Taemin’s hands.


Everyone was amazed when Taemin’s body slowly began getting better. The doctors claimed it was a miracle, and SHINee didn’t care if it was a miracle or not, they were just glad he was alive. Taemin was released from the hospital after being in there for three straight months. Taemin was happy to see a large amount of their fans gathered in the front of the hospital. He waved to them and the five jumped into the car, driving home.

Home after so long.

A few weeks after Taemin had returned home, Minho began asking odd questions. Of course they weren’t when the other members were around because they didn’t even know about their relationship or the fact that Taemin was… different.

“Taemin you’re a faerie right?” Minho questioned looking at Taemin with curious eyes.

“Minho, I thought we established this.”

“We did, but I’m still wondering about something…”

“And that something is?” Taemin rolled his eyes at his boyfriend.

“Do you have wings?”

Taemin put his hands on his hips, acting angry. “Do you seriously believe that bull crap? That faeries have magical butterfly wings?”

Minho bobbed his head like a child. “So do you have them? I’ve seen you shirtless, but I’ve never seen any wings before...”

“Of course I have them,” Taemin sighed.

“Can I see?” Minho asked poking Taemin in his side.

“I don’t know. When my body was shutting down my wings were deteriorating as well, and they haven’t healed any since then.”

“Show me when they’ve healed then?”

“Okay,” Taemin smiled.


1 year later

Their clothed erections rubbed against each other as Minho pushed down on Taemin. Taemin reached up grabbing Minho’s toned arms as their mouths met.

“Fuck, Taemin,” Minho groaned as he stuck his hand into Taemin’s underwear, slowly pumping the younger’s erection. Taemin moaned underneath him bucking up into his lover’s hand. They’d done this so many times, but the amount of pleasure got better each time.

“Quit teasing so damn much,” the maknae said before sliding his hand inside Minho’s boxers as well, squeezing the base roughly. Taemin knew what that did to Minho, and he liked every bit of how Minho treated him afterwards.

“Shit, Tae.” Minho let go of Taemin’s cock and quickly removed his hand from the boxers. He aggressively ripped Taemin’s hand off of his own erection, and tugged Taemin’s boxer’s down. Minho loved how in just a few seconds he could reveal Taemin’s naked body and know it was all his.

Crawling off the bed, Minho quickly grabbed the lube and made his way back to his naked boyfriend. Coating his fingers with more lube than he needed Minho gave no warning when he bent back Taemin’s legs and shoved three fingers into his nearly hidden opening.

Taemin let out a cry at the sudden feeling of Minho’s fingers pushing into him. Minho smirked, leaning down to lick the head of Taemin’s cock. Taemin could feel his cock hardening more as Minho finger fucked him and teased him just enough so he would beg for more.

“Won’t be doing that again, will you?” Minho questioned, Taemin shaking his head no. Minho pulled his fingers back out only to shove them back in, enjoying Taemin’s reaction each time he thrusted his fingers.  

“Please, ugh God, I want more. I want to feel more,” Taemin cried.

“Taemin, I want to see them,” Minho’s husky voice filling the air as he stopped moving his fingers inside Taemin.

“W-what?” Taemin asked in his confused state. Taemin looked at Minho like he was crazy, sweat rolling down his forehead.

 “Your wings, I want to see your wings,” Minho said, pulling his fingers out completely.

Taemin nodded embarrassedly before sitting up on his knees. Taemin closed his eyes, concentrating for a moment. Minho could hear the sound of ripping before he could see the wings slowly fold out completely, fluttering slightly. The wings were light blue and green outlined in jet black, and they weren’t too big or too small, they fit his body just right.

Minho thought he was beautiful like that. The blush on his cheeks, his wings fluttering behind him, and his erection a dark pink and needy for attention; it was exactly what he wanted.

Minho pushed down his own boxers, tossing them across the bed. He sat there stroking his cock while looking at Taemin, the younger staring at him hungrily. Taemin didn’t know whether or not he was allowed to touch Minho. The only command Minho gave him was to show him his wings.

“Come here, Taemin,” Minho demanded. The younger obediently listened and stumbled over  to Minho on his two knees, wings twitching in anticipation.

Taemin sat on top of Minho, kissing him before Minho slowly pushed his cock inside of him sounding a deep moan. Taemin whined and sat up more so he could push down onto Minho’s shaft completely. Minho gripped his thighs as Taemin began to slide himself upwards.

Taemin pushed himself back down and repeated the motions, but quicker. Minho’s hands moved from Taemin’s thighs to spreading his ass so he could slide in and out more easily, slapping the pale skin a few times before he knew it was red.

Minho noticed how the wings fluttered faster when he hit that spot inside of Taemin. It amazed him when he touched Taemin’s cock and they seemed to dance, the colors blurring together. The wings weren’t just there to be pretty; they were a part of Taemin. They showed how Taemin was feeling on the inside.

“I’m so close,” Taemin moaned, his eyes were closed as he tugged at his own nipple.

It was when Taemin thrusted himself down and Minho pushed his hips, his cock hit Taemin’s prostate, hard. Taemin’s body jerked as he yelled Minho’s name, cum squirting out, his wings seeming to be paralyzed for those few seconds. Minho thrusted into Taemin a few more times, the sight of his little faerie coming was too much as Taemin’s tight ass milked the cum out of him.

The wings slowly tucked back into Taemin’s back as he pulled himself off Minho’s softening cock. Minho pulled Taemin down beside him, kissing his mouth tenderly. Taemin’s fingers skimmed along the elder’s broad chest before pulling back, laying his head on the pillow next to Minho’s head.

“You’re so beautiful, I love you so much,” Minho said, brushing Taemin’s knotted hair with his fingers.


“I love you too, hyung,” Taemin replied before drifting into sleep.


I seriously thought this up in the shower a few months ago. I finished writing it a month ago, but never bothered with editing it until now. I hope it wasn't a complete fail! Again much much much thanks to the two wonderful betas who helped me out. 8D

You get cookies if you name what movie I got the idea from 8)

Let me know how you guys felt about this. See you guys soon!! (Hopefully you guys will see a lot more of me soon~)



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  • smaller photo post

    here was yesterday's photo post on our way home I took some pictures because it looked really cool outside... it's hard to take pictures in…

  • exo

    A comm for the new group Exo! exochocolate Check us out~ minniecouture & meridianslair